Greetings. 🙂

I’m Tami! I’m a college student attempting to take in as much of the world as I can. I’m a marketing major in my sophomore year of college and have written professional blogs and provided website design for BrandPDQ.

You know the saying “you learn something new everyday”? I truly attempt to live by this cliche saying and any root of inspiration I get, I immediately write down to expand on here later. Consider this blog as the continuation of trains of thought from my sporadic life lessons. I believe that to improve my health on all levels (mind, body and spirit), I must reflect. Contemplation is a pivotal element of growth. I only hope that my daily inspiration can be yours too.

If you are looking to get fresh perspective from an up and coming writer and health  enthusiast, you are in the right place. I urge you to start discussions on my posts and to ask me questions!