Why You Should Find Joy in the Small Things

Last week I ended my thoughts regarding small acts of kindness on the powerful impact in little actions to our contentment (link here). In what has now become an ongoing series on my self reflection of how internal thinking and actions can sculpt our quality of life, I would like to bring more emphasis to the power of small actions.

I think as people, we often measure the quality of our lives by the big moments. Weddings, birthdays, the first day of college…to some extent, we measure the quality of our own big moments to the pace and quality of others. Social media makes this 10x worse.

I am 20 years old and I have peers who are at both ends of the “independence” spectrum. Some still live with their parents and don’t have to work. Others are on their own completely with full time jobs and a fiance. Some even have children. Is there anything wrong with either side of the spectrum or anyone in between?

Of course not!

Why you ask?

Happiness is not measured by the big moments or how quickly we get there. It is measured by the joy you find in drinking your morning coffee or how loudly you are singing along to your favorite song or by laughing at the stupid joke your dork of a spouse made. It is measured by your appreciation of today’s sunset or the satisfaction you feel when you have finally finished that chore you’ve been meaning to do for weeks.

It is also measured by how all the little things you’ve learned to appreciate provide strength in the face of tragedy. It is measured by your ability to remember the beauty of the sunset when depression sets in and you can’t get out of bed. It is measured by picturing your dorky spouse telling their stupid joke when your anxiety has peaked and it’s hard to breath.

I can guarantee you that the big moments will mean very little in the long run if you can’t learn to appreciate the little things too.

So take a deep breath and smell the roses. ๐Ÿ™‚

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