9 Simple Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today


Last week I spoke about the importance of empathy for other beings in order to gain contentment (link here). This week I would like to share a list of ways I try to spread kindness to my peers, and thus bringing joy to myself.

For me personally, emotions are contagious. If someone is visibly distressed, I adopt those feelings as well. The same goes for happiness. I think a simple way to lift your mood is by doing something nice for someone! Here’s some things I like to do:

1. Ask someone about their favorite hobby and just listen.  

2. Buy the person behind’s you coffee or breakfast. Start their day off nicely. 

3. On a busy day, do something nice for your server or cashier. Give a generous tip or buy a dessert for them.

4. Compliment an outfit or hairstyle. Something that makes someone unique. 

5. Promote an up and coming artist, writer or musician’s work on social media. (Share on Facebook, post links to your story or use their hashtag on Instagram…Trust me, it doesn’t go unnoticed.)

6. Bake or cook something for your coworkers as a surprise. 

7. Tell your coworkers something they do well with their job. 

8. Buy flowers for someone. 

9. Send a text of appreciation to a loved one. 

Some of these are common acts of kindness and this probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen them as ideas. That’s okay. Simply use this list as a reminder of something small you can do to impact someone positively.

I am a firm believer in the power of small actions. Small daily chores, small workouts, small acts of kindness… I think we often get ahead of ourselves and think we must do everything at once. I am here to remind you that this is not the case. Do not be discouraged – Small achievements add up and patience is key to see results.

So go be nice to people. 🙂

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