How to Combat the “I’m Going To Die Anyway” Argument to Health

As someone who is attempting to lead a healthier lifestyle (despite the fact that I ate 3 coconut cookies yesterday), I often find my developing passion for health overflowing into conversations with my peers. Sometimes I get positive feedback, sometimes I do not. When I don’t, more likely than not the following phrase comes up:

“I’m going to die anyway, health conscious or not.”

This bothers me to no end. In simplicity, it’s true. We will all die one day no matter what choices we make. I can’t deny that.

With that said, everything behind that statement is so lazy. 

It is so much easier to eat an unhealthy diet when you simply don’t care. You rationalize and rationalize. You get used to the symptoms of unhealthiness. The bloating, constipation, mood swings, headaches. Of course, there are reasons other than diet and exercise that cause these things – but they can definitely be a contributing factor.

I guess the question that comes to mind when I hear this phrase is this:

“Is the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle worth it?”

In my humble opinion, no. The risk of diet related diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease are not worth it. Sure, your quality of life is momentarily enhanced by foods that aren’t so good for you. But a constant lifestyle of these foods will sacrifice your quality of life, potentially with obesity. There are so many things in life that you can’t control. Why allow something that you can control to hurt you?

A healthy diet is fueled by discipline, education and passion. I won’t lie to you, I am still trying to get the hang of the discipline part. It is hard in America where you are literally surrounded by terrible food constantly. You are constantly overstimulated with ads telling you not to care about what you consume, to just pay attention to what tastes good. With that said, I am done not caring. I am done rationalizing. If I treated every aspect of my life how I treat my health, I would be in ruins. I am done not treating my body as the temple that it is.

That is not to say that treating yourself sometimes is a terrible thing. Sometimes I crave a good milkshake or some pizza. It is okay to splurge sometimes. The point is that your whole diet shouldn’t be food that isn’t satisfying what your body needs.

So the next time someone uses that phrase in attempt to explain why your attempt at a  healthy lifestyle isn’t worth it…explain why that is incorrect on a deeper level. Explain how healthy eating improves quality of life and makes the limited time we have all the more worth it. There are so many benefits to a healthy lifestyle that go beyond instant gratification. Not to mention that healthy does not equal bad taste!

I wish you the best of luck on your health journey and remember to stick it to anyone who tells you that a healthy lifestyle isn’t significant in the long run.

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