4 Simple Ways to Phase Plastic out of Your Life

I passionately believe that every single person’s choices, no matter how small, make a difference. You are mistaken if you think that your decision to reduce your waste makes no lasting impact. If everyone had the mindset that what they do didn’t matter, nothing would ever get done. Not to mention, these simple habits can save you quite a bit of cash in the long run! So here we go.

The Art of Losing Control

I was recently involved in a car wreck. It was a clear, crisp morning, camouflaged in the ordinary. I made way to my 9-5 shift, taking the typical streets and stopping at the typical signs and slowing in the typical school zones. Suddenly he was coming into my lane, not quite aware that I was passing through. 

How to Combat the “I’m Going To Die Anyway” Argument to Health

As someone who is attempting to lead a healthier lifestyle (despite the fact that I ate 3 coconut cookies yesterday), I often find my developing passion for health overflowing into conversations with my peers. Sometimes I get positive feedback, sometimes I do not. When I don’t, more likely than not the following phrase comes up.
”I’m going to die anyway, health conscious or not.”

How to Learn to Live in the Moment: Capturing with a Polaroid

In pursuit of optimal emotional health, one thing I will be exploring are ways to become more present in my daily life. With a polaroid, you only get one shot to get the photo right. There are no redos. I think that life can hold the same mentality as polaroids.